Solstice Arts Centre

Curated by Sabina Mac Mahon.

Presented at the Solstice Arts Centre Industry was an exhibition bringing together a diverse group of Irish and international artists whose work relates – either thematically, or in terms of the processes and materials they use – to industries traditionally associated with County Meath.

Exhibiting artists included Frank Abruzzese, Kevin Cosgrove, The Domestic Godless*, Sophie Gough, Kevin Lindsay, Eoin McHugh, Eimear Murphy, Helen O’Leary, Patrick Reel and John Stezaker. ​

For this show, Sophie Gough created a new series of sculptural objects that considered the material of cardboard. She is interested in the contradictions associated with the integrity of this material and the ways in which we use and dispose of it. This, she considered specifically within the areas of the built environment and industries.

Mionghnéithe, 2018 considers the intrusive nature of this once vilified material.