The Boundaries Between Us Endure The National Sculpture Factory, Cork 2019

Concept and Direction by Peter Power Vision and Design by Peter Power and Sophie Gough

Drawing inspiration from the industrialisation of survival and its legacies, rites of passage and contemporary ceremony, The Boundaries Between Us Endure sees the collaborating artists expanding new creative intersections in an exhilarating blend of music, performance, sculpture, light and sound framed within the histories of the National Sculpture Factory itself.

An Experimental music theatre piece, the work is expresed in surround sound Audio, 4-channel video installation, AV performance, Sculpture and lighting design. Live audio capture affecting parameters of generative visuals projection-mapped via 3x projectors and fed to a system of 12x LED strips via ArtNet.

Generously supported by the Cork City Arts Office.

Photography by Jed Niezgoda and Marion Solheim

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